Refereed Journals:

(1)    American Journal of Finance and Accounting (AJFA) USA

         ISSN (Online): 1752-7775 - ISSN (Print): 1752-7767

(2)   Global Review of Business and Economic Research (GRBER) USA

        ISSN (Print): 0973-127X

(3)      International Journal of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence (IJBFMI) USA

        ISSN (Online): 1744-6643 - ISSN (Print): 1744-6635

(4)  International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance (IJTAF), UK

      Print ISSN: 0219-0249 Online ISSN: 1793-6322

 (5)     Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics (AAJEE) India

            ISSN 0972-3986

(6) Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship (USA)

(7) International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance (Italy)

 (8) International Journal of Behavior Accounting and Finance(UAE)



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