ISBN 81-8387-080-5

Serials Publications, India

Global Equity Investing, Portfolio Selection,

                  Corporate governance, and Regulations

Professor Mazhar M. Islam, Alabama A&M University, Alabma, USA 

Professor David P. Ely, San Diego State University,  California, USA


Stock returns and volatility; Linkages of the global equity markets; Earnings management; Information flow and trading volume; Portfolio management; Financial distress and bankruptcy; Equities and market valuation; Accounting fraud; Marketing IPO's; Analysis of bank performance in equity market; Debt default; Internatmonal portfolio diversification; The pricing of default risk; Incentive effects of executive stock and option ownership; Corporate control; Insider trading: Regulations and costs; Behavioral issues in market microstructure; Equity, buybacks, splits, and rights; Asset pricing; The IPO aftermarket; Private placements, and rights offerings: international evidence; Predicting stock price changes; Event effects; Corporate fraud and misreporting; Mutual fund performance; Managerial incentives and financial structure; Returns on country Indexes; Boards, blocks, and performance; IPO's, CEO's, and governance; Equity financing for small firms; Portfolio selection factors; Closed-end country funds; Liquidity, bubbles, and spreads; Employee stock options; Liquidity, transaction costs, and Asset prices; Bank loans and capital markets; International market efficiency; International capital structure and taxation: evidence; Currency risk; Hedging and operational risk; International market integration; Corporate diversification and firm value; Firm-specific risk and Market risk; Issues in Corporate Governance; IPO’s. CEO’s and Governance; Book to market and industry effects; IPO allocation and pricing; Technical analysis and short-run stock returns; Issues in market timing; Underwriting reputation; Volatility models and information; Dividend policy and signaling; Efficiency of the trading systems; Efficient contracting and Governance; Financial accountability and International risk management; Agency problems and corporate decisions; International market risk; Corporate diversification; Earnings expectations and insider trading; The Art of managing the Pension Funds; The politics of equity finance in emerging markets; Institutional reforms & regulations of equity markets; Market discipline across countries and industries; Market efficiency; Weekend and after hours trading Mutual funds and individual investors; Analysts conflicts etc.