Conference Benefits

I. Publication Opportunities in

i. International Refereed Journals:

High quality papers accepted by the review committee will be published in  several refereed journals listed in the Cabell's directories.  Each journal has separate web site with ISSN and has world-wide circulation.  About 25% presented qulaity papers were accepted for publications in the listed journals. For further information, please click on Publications. 

ii.  Three Edited Books (Refereed): 

Based on reviewers’ recommendations, selected papers will be published in  printed volume(s) of  three edited Books . A publication fee of US$100 will be charged for each paper.

iii. Refereed Conference Proceedings with ISSN no from he library of Congress:

All other papers will be published in Conference Proceedings if proper guidelines are followed and will be distributed to each participant in CD-ROM during the conference. That is inclusive of the conference registration fee.  All papers should be full and in MSWord.

II. Awards for competitive Papers

If your submission is accepted for presentation at the meeting, your paper is eligible to compete for best paper award in that track. Only full-length papers on timely submissions will be considered for these awards. Awarded papers will be published in one of the conference journals. In addition, you will receive an Best Paper Certificate at the conference site. Details of the competition will be attached with the letter of acceptance sent to submitting authors of accepted papers. Note that the deadline for registration is August 30  to get the papers published in the proceedings and to get the certificates and the awards. 

III. Networking with international colleagues

An opportunity for academicians and professionals from world-wide institutions to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own discipline

IV. Session Chair

Participants may serve as the Session Chair. If you are interested, please indicate your willingness to do so on the Registration Form

NOTE: In case of multiple authorships, co-authors are required to register individually if attended.

In case of multiple papers, author is required to pay  $50 for each additional paper  to be publushed in the Proceedings.

 Requests for any form of financial support by the organizer will not be honored, and thus should not be asked to the committee or the organizers.  For foreign participant, any questions related to visa should be addressed to the Consulate office. 


Paper sessions will consist of four presentations in a 80 minute session. Each presenter will have 15 minute followed by 5 minute discussions.

Workshop presenters will be given the full 98 minute session.

Panel sessions will last 80 minutes and it is the presenters’ choice how that time is split between panelists.

Audio-Visual equipments will be provided by the Conference hotel and will be setup in all presentation rooms.

Session Chair or Discussant: If you wish to serve as a session chairperson or discussant of a paper, please indicate in your registration form. This conference is an international forum with an opportunity to interact with your colleagues and peers from all over the world in a friendly environment. To facilitate this interaction, individuals whose papers are accepted for presentation at the meeting should also be prepared to either chair a session or discuss a paper. Program committee will contact potential chairpersons and discussants.


Only full papers will be published. Proceedings submissions must be by e-mail attachment, and you must include the following items with your submission:

i. Title of the submission.

ii. Name(s) of the author(s),

iii. Affiliation(s) of the author(s),

iv. Address(es) of the author(s),

v. E-mail address(es) of the author(s), and

vi. Full paper.