Research papers related to all areas of Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing,  Business Ethics & Law, Business Educations and E-Business,  Islamic Economics & Finance, and  other related interdisciplinary areas are invited
with publication opportunities in refereed international journals. In addition to academic sessions, papers on special sessions related to contemporary issues in all areas are invited.  Individuals  without papers can also participate.

For presentation purpose, there is no specific guidelines. Abstract, Research-in-Progress, Full-paper without any specific format  can be submitted. Paper must be in MS Word or PDF Format. The first page should include the title and the detail contact information of the author(s) including  email address. For publication in the Proceedings or in journals,  you will be required to follow specific format. The committee will provide you the format upon acceptance. For further information, click on Authors Information , on the left side of this page.